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GLOCK JUNKIE: gens 1-5 new & used OEM & aftermarket GLOCK PARTS STORE

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Welcome to the Glock Junkie website.  I am DW, owner, and operator.  


Glock Junkie is an Online Glock Parts Store where you can purchase new and used genuine OEM and aftermarket Glock parts and accessories for all Glock generations and models.


Glock Junkie specializes in hard to find old Glock parts which consist of Glock Pre Ban parts, Pre Upgrade Glock Parts, Gens 1 & 2 & Pencil Barrel parts, Glock black parts, and occasionally, Glock Pre Ban Magazines


I also sell newer manufactured OEM Glock Parts and accessories for Generations 3 - 5 Glock pistols. This would include all Gens 1-5 Glock parts.


These include locking blocks, trigger connectors, trigger housings, trigger bars, slide stop levers, magazine catch releases, extractor depressor plunger assemblies, extractors, firing pins, firing pin springs, firing pin spring cups, firing pin spacer sleeves, magazine loaders, and more.

I carry a multitude of Factory Glock Parts and accessories, for all Generations and models.


But I also, carry OEM older 2-piece Glock Tupperware boxes, older manuals, Vintage Magazine Loaders, older Non-MIM parts, Tool Steel parts, and OEM Glock Barrels, when in stock. ​

This website has several pages with lots of information on, Glock parts, Glock models & calibers, and the different Glock generations. It also has photo galleries and products that are available for sale. 


Glock Junkie has 2 Photo Gallery pages: One is called Current Glock Parts Photo Gallery, with newer parts, and the other one is called Glock old & Black parts photo gallery, with older Gen 1 and 2 parts.

We also have an exciting new Blog page with posts that focus on different Glock parts, accessories, pre-ban magazines, and more. 


On the Store page, you will find a nice selection of Glock parts and accessories available for purchase in the United States only. 

Other information about Glock Junkie's website can be found on the About Glock JunkieShipping Info, Return Policy, FAQ, and Hours pages.


You will find a contact form below if you have any questions.


There is also a small sample of products that I sell in The Glock Junkie Store at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for visiting and please enjoy browsing my website. I look forward to serving you. :)


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