about Glock junkie and my glock parts history

Owner of Glock Junkie

Hello and welcome. I am DW, owner of Glock Junkie. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.


I am a retired police officer with over 25 years of service.


I carried a Glock pistol on my side and trusted my life with it for over 23 of those years, which started in late 1989. 


That is when my department took my revolver away from me and issued me a brand new Glock G17 Gen 2. 


Even after retiring, I still carry a concealed Glock pistol every day.


Through the years, Glock became such a big part of my life. 

I came to trust and admire Glock so much that I became a Certified Glock Armorer.


I researched all that I could about the different Glock gun parts and their amazing pistols.

I learned the differences between the Glock Generations, the calibers within each generation, and the models that each generation had.


I learned early what Glock Black Parts, Pre Upgrade Parts, Non-MIM & Tool Steel parts, and Glock Pre Ban magazines consisted of and how to identify them.


As time went on and the Glock generation numbers grew and new Glock models and calibers were being made, I started to focus on the newer Generations as well. I learned about their parts and their compatibility between, not only the pistol models but also between generations. 

I learned about the Gen 3  & Gen 4 parts and models, as well as the new slimline models, the G42, and the G43. This was back a few years ago. Now, this is true for the new Gen 5 models and the G44.


The more I learned, the more excited and passionate I became and I wanted to share what I learned with people like myself.


A Glock owner, Glock lover, EDC carrier, and more. 


After selling a few of my own used parts on another online venue, I decided to open my own online Glock OEM and aftermarket parts and accessory store.


I named it, "Glock Junkie". I guess because that is what I am. :)


I have grown to love the Glock Brand, from that first day in late 1989, when I was handed the first semi-automatic pistol I had ever shot in my life, as a rookie cop, to an old retired cop that carries nothing other than a Glock.


I not only trust my life with a Glock but also the lives of my loved ones. 


Thank you for visiting my website.


If you don't see the part or accessory you are looking for, whether it is OEM Glock parts or Aftermarket Glock Parts & Accessories, please ask me, chances are I might have it in my inventory.​


To bring customers high quality and hard to find Glock parts and make them available for purchase online.  


To serve Glock owners and all gun enthusiasts in the United States with outstanding service. 


My love for Glock and passion for excellence is what inspired me in the beginning and still does today.


Thank you for visiting. DW

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