Custom Hand Polished Glock Parts 

Glock Junkie Hand Polished Glock Parts

Hello and welcome to the Custom Hand-Polished Factory Glock Parts page. I am DW, owner of Glock Junkie. 


I am excited to share my love of high polished OEM Glock gun parts with you.


On this page, you will see an example of my work.

I have a deep appreciation for high gloss hand polished Glock parts. And I hand polish most of the parts in all of my Glock pistols.

This is the photo I chose to use on the back of my new Business cards, as it truly captures my work. The photo will not be visible if you are viewing this web page on a mobile phone.


It's really, my passion, as I love the results I get on these amazing Glock parts and the super positive feedback I get from my wonderful customers.

Not only does hand polishing make the parts smooth, which equals less friction between moving parts, but it also makes the parts aesthetically pleasing.


If you have a Glock part in mind that you would like me to hand polish, like these, and it is not in The Glock Junkie Store, please ask me.


Chances are I may have the exact part you are looking for in my extensive inventory and I would be happy to polish it for you for an additional fee.

Please feel free to contact me for a quote. I look forward to serving you.


If you would like to see more of these hand-polished Glock parts, then please visit my Current Glock Parts Photo Gallery page.