Glock Junkie's Q & A about Glock Parts & More

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, all items are shipped FREE using USPS First Class mail, unless you opt to purchase the USPS Priority mail. Both of these services come with tracking included.

How long after I place an order will you ship it?

I ship orders on the next business day after the order is received and paid for.

Do you sell high capacity pre ban magazines on your website?

Yes, I occasionally sell high capacity Glock Pre-Ban magazines. I will not sell the high capacity pre-ban magazines to anyone who lives in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, the District of Columbia, or any other place where they are illegal to purchase, possess or own. If you live in Massachusetts and want to buy these magazines, when I have them in stock, I will need a copy of your LTC-A. No exceptions!

Can you help me figure out what part(s) I need for my Glock pistol?

Yes, if you tell me the model number, the generation and the letters....not the the serial number, I can find out which part(s) you need.

Where are you located, I would like to come shop at your store?

Glock Junkie is an online store only! If you want to shop at Glock Junkie, go to my Glock Junkie Shop page, where I have a nice selection of New & Used and Current & Old Glock Parts and Accessories.

How can I tell if my Glock extractor has an LCI (Loaded Chamber Indicator) or not?

You can tell if your Glock extractor has an LCI or not by visually looking at it or feeling it. If yours has a step on the face, then it has an LCI. If your extractor face is smooth, flat and has no step on the face, then it does not have an LCI. :) To better assist you in figuring out if your extractor has an LCI or not, I have added 2 photos. Both photos have an extractor with an LCI and without an LCI. In the left photo, it shows both an LCI and NON LCI extractor when installed in a slide. As indicated in the photo, the extractor on the bottom has an LCI, as shown with the step on the face. And the extractor on the top is the one without an LCI. It is smooth and flat with no step on the face. As you can see, you can even tell if an extractor has an LCI or not when it in installed in a slide. The photo on the right shows both an LCI and NON LCI extractor that are not installed in a slide. As indicated on the photo, the left extractor is the one that has an LCI.

How do I know which generation Glock pistol I have?

First, let me start by saying that Glock only made 4 Generation One models and they were ALL chambered in 9mm. These Gen 1 models are the Glock 17, 17L, 18 and the Holy Grail of them all, the 19. Gen 1 pistols have a smooth pebble grain grip that goes all the way around the grip without any texturing. The Gen 1's have 2 pins, no accessory rail and a 5 digit serial number, not counting the US on the end. They also came in the old "Tupperware" style 2 piece boxes. Gen 2 pistols are also 2 pins and have no accessory rail. But the Gen 2 pistols do have texturing on the front and back of the grip and slightly raised panels on each side of the grip. Gen 2 pistols also came in a 2 piece "Tupperware" Style box . Gen 3 pistols come with molded finger grooves, 3 pins and an accessory rail. Although there were some early Gen 3 models that were made during the transition period and were made with 2 pins. For instance, my Gen 3 G34 has 2 pins, finger grooves and an accessory rail. The earlt Gen 3 models , like My G34, came in a 2 piece Long Slide "Tupperware" style box, but most Gen 3 pistols come in the newer clamshell style box. Gen 4 pistols also came with molded finger grooves, 3 pins, an accessory rail and interchangeable backstraps to accommodate difference size hands, and they are marked "Gen 4" on the slide. They came in the newer style clamshell boxes. Gen 5 pistols went back to the no finger grooves and 2 pins, like the Gen 1 & Gen 2, but they do have the interchangeable backstraps, an accessory rail, ambi slide stop levers, a Marksman barrel and they are marked, "Gen 5" on the slide. The Gen 5 models 17, 19 and 34 have a flaired magwells. The new Gen 5 models come in the newer clamshell box as well. No, this is not a complete list of the differences between the Glock generations by any means. But it should be enough information to help identify which generation Glock pistol you own. And remember, it does not matter if your Glock model 21 was the first G21 that Glock made. What determines which generation Glock your pistol is, is strictly verified by the attributes recorded in several amazing online articles and printed in very informative Glock reference books. Just because it is the first G21 made, it still is not a Gen 1 Glock 21. :)

I am confused. I have a Gen 1 G17 and it only has 1 pin on the frame. I thought the Gen 1's and Gen 2's both had 2 pins?

Yes, they do. You are not counting the plastic pin near the rear of the grip. which is called the, "Trigger Housing Pin". The pin you see on the frame is the, "Trigger Pin". Glock started making the 3rd pin, called the, "Locking Block Pin", when they started noticing extra wear inside the frames and the locking blocks in the .40 S&W models. This was due to the extra recoil in that snappy round. Glock decided to make the change in all Glock models for simplicity and cost.

I have a 15° LCI extractor in my Glock slide, can I replace it with a non-LCI extractor?

Yes, but you must make sure the NON LCI Extractor is also a 15° Extractor and that it is for the same caliber and model Glock. In other words, You can't replace a 9mm G19 15° extractor with a .40 caliber G23 15° extractor. Once you get that straight, you must also replace the LCI Spring Loaded Bearing with a NON LCI Spring Loaded Bearing (SLB). In both of the photos that I have attached, All of the Spring Loaded Bearings on the left side of the photos are for using with an LCI Extractor. The Spring Loaded Bearings shown on the right in both photos, are for using with NON LCI Extractors. Please see the 2 photos I have attached in this FAQ. The different colored Spring Loaded Bearings (SLB) are for the following: Black: 9mm & .380 (not 42, 43, 43X or 48) White: .40, .357 & 45 GAP (45 GAP is not listed with NON LCI SLB. I believe the reason Is that Glock started making the 45 GAP after they stopped producing the NON LCI Extractors. That being said, I am curious if an old NON-MIM NON-LCI 6740 Extractor would work in a 45 GAP?) Olive: 45 ACP & 10mm Glock LCI & NON LCI Spring Loaded Bearing All Calibers Glock LCI & NON LCI Spring Loaded Bearing .40 & .357

My Glock pistol came from the factory with a Standard #343 Trigger Connector installed. Can I swap out my #343 connector for a DOT #7965 or a Minus #721 Trigger connector?

Yes, you can. All 3 of these connectors, including connector #734 (+ Plus), will fit and function properly in ALL Glock models, including the new G44 in 22LR, But EXCLUDING the G42, G43, G43X and the G48.

I have a Glock 19 and I do not like the serrated/grooved face trigger shoe it came with. Is there any way that I can trade it out with a trigger bar that has a smooth faced shoe and still stay with an OEM trigger?

Yes, you absolutely can! The reason Glock compacts, subcompacts and most of the Slimline pistols have serrated/grooved trigger shoes is because of the ATF Importation Laws. The serrated/grooved trigger shoes are Target triggers and they get more points towards importation. So, the Glock 17, 17L, 19, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 31, 32, 33, 34, and 35 in Gens 1-3 can all use a #357 smooth faced trigger. The same is true for the Glock 20, 21, 29. 30, the 30S, and their SF Variants in ALL Generations, using trigger bar #4417. The Glock 36 and 36FGR have their own trigger bar #2096, which have a grooved trigger shoe. Actually, some people put the Gen 1-3 trigger bars in their Gen 4 pistols to get rid of the Bump that is on the vertical bar. I have a #357 Gen 1-3 Trigger bar in my Gen 4 G19 and it works great. But the 10mm aad 45 ACP Trigger bars ALL have the BUMP.

Which Glock models share the same frames?

Staying within Generations, these models share the same frames: Standard Frame Size - Small Caliber: 17, 17L, 22, 24, 31, 34, 35, and 37. Standard Frame Size - Large Caliber: 20 & 21 Compact Frame Size: 19, 23, 32, and 38. Subcompact Frame Size - Small Caliber: 26, 27, 33, and 39 The 39 has a wider slide to accommodate the larger diameter of the 45 GAP round. Subcompact Frame - Large Caliber: 29 & 30. Slimline Frame Size: 43, 43X, and 48. The 43 Frame does not have the front serrations. If the frame has a Trigger Housing and ejector, just ensure the ejector is correct for the caliber slide you are putting on the frame.

Do you ship outside of the Unites States?

No, Glock Junkie is located in the United States and only sells and ships to people/businesses who live, or are located, in the United States. There are no exceptions!

I don't see the part(s) I need on your website, do you have more parts available that are not on your website?

Yes, I have a large inventory of new and used Glock OEM parts. If you don't see what you need, please ask me and I will be happy to check for you. And if I don't have it, I can order most parts directly from the Glock factory.

I see a part that says, "OUT OF STOCK" on your website, are you going to get any more of that same part in?

If it is a current production part, then the answer is most likely, "yes". But if it is a used or old part or accessory, then the chances of me getting another one are slim. A lot of the parts I get are either currently manufactured NEW, Used, or OLD STOCK and no longer being made by Glock and/or they are very hard to find parts. If that is the case, I can not answer that question with a "yes", because it is uncertain if I will or not get another one in. So, on one hand, I may never get another part that is the same as the one you are referring to. And on the other hand, I could get 10 more just like it the very next day. My suggestion to anyone browsing my website is to grab what you like when you see it because it could disappear right before your very eyes. I know, because it's happened to me before. :)

I see a part I need but I can not buy it until the end of next week, can you save it for me?

As much as I would like to say, "yes", the truth is, I can't. There are a lot of people in the same boat that may want to buy the exact same part that you are wanting me to take off and save for you. If I did that, it would not be fair to the other people shopping on my website.

Pistol with ammunition in a safe manner,