Glock Junkie often has hard to find black OEM Glock parts for sale on the Glock Junkie's Store page.


These are only a small example of the old Glock Black Parts that Glock made in the 1980s and early 1990s and they are no longer made by Glock Inc.


They came standard in the Gen 1 and early Gen 2 pistols.


Some of these parts where pre-upgrade parts and were replaced with the 1992 6 part upgrade Kit.


This upgrade consisted of the following parts:  


firing pin, firing pin safety, firing pin safety spring, extractor, spring-loaded bearing, and the trigger bar and trigger. The other parts that were not in the upgrade were eventually phased out by Glock and replaced with non-Black parts. 

Although these parts are no longer made by Glock, they are still highly sought after by Glock collectors who wish to bring their Gen 1 and/or Gen 2 Glock pistols back to their original condition. 

The parts shown on this page have all been sold and are no longer available for sale! If you would like to see a Gallery of old and Black Glock parts, manuals, loaders, boxes, and more.

Glock Junkie - Old Glock Black Parts.