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A Little Glock Tupperware History

Back in the late 1980s, Glock pistols were being adopted by a large percentage of police departments throughout the United States. My department took our revolvers and gave us all new Gen 2 Glock pistols. Mine was a G17. The flat black plastic boxes that the guns came in were quickly dubbed, “Glock Tupperware”.

I remember when I was issued my first Glock pistol in late 1989. They handed it to me, had me shoot a couple of magazines through it, and then they handed me this black Tupperware looking box and said it was the case the gun came in. I remember thinking it was different than any other pistol box I had ever seen. And I started calling it by its’ nickname like my buddies did, Tupperware.

These Tupperware boxes were the first style of boxes that Glock made for their pistol boxes for many years. I have a Gen 3 G34 2-pin that was made in 2001 that came in a Glock Tupperware box. Yes, the serial number on the box matches the pistol. I also had a Pencil Barrel Gen 1 G17 that came in a “Bullet Box”, Tupperware box.

The First Glock Tupperware Box

The Bullet Boxes were the first Glock Tupperware boxes that Glock Made and it was for a G17, because that was the only pistol Glcok was making at that time. They had the individual molded bullet holders where you could store 18 rounds of ammo, 17 for the magazine and 1 for the pipe. On the outer of the lid there was a large number "17", which was for the model 17, which was the only pistol model Glock was making at the time.

Tupperware Sizes, Generations and Models

The early boxes only had a post with 2 small wings on the sides and they were deemed unsafe due to several accidental discharges. Glock took the molded bullet holders out and eventually removed the wings from the post. They then put a straight plastic piece that would run from in front and under the trigger guard and down the grip. These would be for the later Gen 1 and the early Gen 2 pistols. Glock eventually started making the plastic piece with wavy grooves to accommodate the Gen 3 finger grooves.

These Tupperware boxes where made in 2 difference sizes: Standard and Long-slide. They were made for all the Glock models from Generation 1 to early to mid Generation 3 pistols. There is a very detailed thread on Glock Talk that lists different Glock Tupperware Boxes, along with the manuals and magazine loaders that came inside the boxes. It also show very detail photos of these boxes and other Glock Memorabilia and accessories.

The early Bullet boxes, Gen 1 long slide boxes, Blue Label Boxes, Boxes that have a serial number label and original stickers and Tupperware boxes that have the, Best in the Market” sticker on them are the most sought after these days. 😊

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