Up for sale is 1 NOS (New Old Stock) Older model Glock OEM Factory Slide Stop Lever & Spring #SP02919 that is Unmarked on the back and 1 NOS or  "Like New" condition, unmarked 301 slide lock. These were the second 2919 slide stop levers that Glock made. These were then and are now made for the 2-Pins chambered in .40 caliber models 22, 23 and 24 and 3-Pin models chambered in 9mm, .40 and .357, including Gen 4.


Yes, together this slide stop lever and slide lock fits, functions and is made for 2-Pin .40 caliber Glock pistols and 3-pin models chambered in 9mm, .40, and .357, including Gen 4 pistols. 


These 2 parts are Unmarked and are for collectors or for someone wanting a nice used early part for their Glock pistol. These will work in current Glock pistols in the configurations mentioned above as well as the older ones.


This listing is for 1 slide stop lever and 1 slide lock. You will only receive 1 set, unless you choose the option to buy more in the drop-down box. 


The slide stop lever & slide lock shown in the close-up photos are one in a group that are in the same general condition, you will receive these or a set in similar condition. 


See the details below on how I learned from Glock Technical Services that this slide stop lever works, fits and was made for the 2-Pin .40 cal pistols as well as the 3-Pins chambered in 9mm, .40 and .357.


I had a customer ask if I had a slide stop lever for his 2-pin G23. I did a quick check on the Glock Certified Armorer’s Parts Order Form and I did not see an SSL (Slide Stop Lever) that was specifically listed for a 2-pin .40 caliber Glock. So, I called Glock Inc. and spoke to a guy in Technical Services and told him what I was looking for. He told me that the standard SSL #2919 and extended SSL #7496 for 3-pin models chambered in 9mm/40/357 are also the ones used and made for the early 2-pin .40 caliber pistols, even though they are not listed as such on the Glock Armorer's Certified Parts Order Form. He also said that back when the 2-Pin .40 caliber pistols were made, this part was unmarked, which totally made sense to me, because I have several older 2919 SSL's that are indeed unmarked. He further stated that there are actually only two, 2-pin slide stop levers listed in Glock Certified Armorer's Parts Order Form (399 Standard & 7489 Extended). And they are only made for the 2 pin 9mm pistols. Which is a little confusing since Glock made other 2-Pin pistols, which were chambered in .40 (G22 G23 G24). The customer I told you about at the beginning of this paragraph bought an extended SSL #7496 from me for his 2-Pin G23 in .40 caliber and he said it fit like a glove and functioned perfectly. 


And yes, this slide stop lever was and still is made for the 2-Pin .40 caliber Glock pistols, along with the 3-Pin models chambered in 9mm, .40 and .357., even though the 2-pin's chambered in .40 caliber are not listed under this 2919 SSL. This reminds me of the missing Glock 45 GAP Trigger Housings (8203 & 5406) that are only listed for pistols chambered in 45 ACP and the 10mm pistols, but those 2 trigger housings are indeed made for the 45 GAP pistols as well. :)


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me.


I do not have any factory papers of packaging for this item. Yours will be shipped inside a small zip lock style bag.


Please see the high resolution photos for condition.


Thank you for looking at my listing

Glock Unmarked 2nd Version 3-Pin 9/40/357 Slide Stop Lever 2919 & 301 Slide Lock

SKU: Unmarked2ndversion2919SSL&301Slidelock

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